Hey, would you be able to answer this privately so I get a notification seeing that you're inactive I might forget to check your blog to see the answer, but it's okay if you don't want to! My question is, when Saya wakes up, will her memory be gone again, will she remember everything? I just feel bad that Haji has to wait so long and go through the exact same thing again and I don't know! Haji seems so lonely! Thank you.

I’m not sure! I’ve always assumed that it would be just like the awakening shown in the time period of the show- she will probably be forgetful at first, but will either gradually start to remember or will remember immediately when she drinks Haji’s blood.

I'm so happy I found this blog! I was in 6th grade when I got into Blood+ and haven't seen much of it since. It's good to see activity, especially of this caliber. Stay gold.

awww, thank you! :-)

This is my most favorite and most well-written Blood+ fanfiction I’ve ever read. I thought I share it with you all.


Oh my god! You updated! I am so happy to see you again!

omg thank you you’re too sweet :’-S

Considering it is implied in the Blood + anime that Nathan could very well have been Saya and Diva's father, and if we're going by the "Twin Kings" theory....what could have happened to his brother, then? And whose Chevalier was he, Saya and Diva's Aunt's or their Mother's? I'm with the side of the fandom who says Nathan is Saya and Diva's dad, so....how are we supposed to piece anything together with the series being so full of holes?!

well if Nathan WAS Saya and Diva’s father I suppose he would either

  1. have been a “king,” and Saya and Diva’s mother would have been Nathan’s brother’s chevalier, or
  2. have been the chevalier of saya and diva’s mother’s sister

but I don’t think he could be a king AND a chevalier!

I don’t know, I personally don’t subscribe to that theory, although I do see how Nathan can be considered to behave more like a father figure than a chevalier! it is interesting to think about though

and I think one of the reasons to love the series so much is that there is so much viewers don’t know about the hierarchical system, biology, etc.! if the show had really taken the time for long expositions of that sort it might’ve felt very much like artificial soap-opera-esque summaries if you get what I’m sayin. plus the fact that there’s so much left to speculation has definitely prolonged the show’s popularity!

I hate that saya & haji don't end up together it makes me cry ...

aww haha well I’ve always thought the dominant belief by most fans has been that they did? I mean personally I always thought that the blue rose at the end meant that Haji was alive and would return for her when she woke up!

I love that your a blood plus fan! I'm actually re watching the series right now! I have a few questions I'd like your thought on! Okay Saya and Divas mother was in her chiropteran form when Joel and the other scientists found out she was pregnant, So does that mean that she was a chiropteran and was with a human or a human fell inlove with a chiropteran or what. Or was their mother like saya and diva but could go into a chiropteran like all the others. Or did she seduce a human like diva did?:L

hehe ty!

I was never quite sure on that point myself and I’m fairly certain that none of the canon works ever quite described it. (there is one book I haven’t read though as well as some articles I’m sure so if anybody knows feel free to chime in!) it’s been a while but saya & diva’s mother was in a “mummy” state when they found her, right? so perhaps the mummification kind of stripped away the human disguise! also I guess it’s possible that saya and diva were able to enter chiropteran state but it was never shown. another possibility is that since it was a “mummy” it was a perhaps ancient form of the chiropteran race and hadn’t learned to take human form? and since it was human blood that was given to saya and diva they might have evolved or s/t. it’s also possible that there were once twin chiropteran “kings” that had the same hierarchical position as saya and diva, and that could have female chevalier and impregnate them.

sorry haha this is a lot of theories! I’ve never really subscribed to one idea or even given it a lot of thought though

if anybody wants to chime in, they’re welcome to!

This is the most amazing blog I have ever seen. I don't know you, but I love you. <3 SO much. <333

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"Everything in the end will be fine"


"Everything in the end will be fine"

What a kickass Blood + cosplay of Otonashi Saya by Hokori.


What a kickass Blood + cosplay of Otonashi Saya by Hokori.

Whoa, I must really admit, I love how this came out. I love Charles and Riku and their relationship in the manga, so I figured I should vid them from time to time. I know I already used the song once but it was stuck in my head!